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TIPOLOGY Oltrepo Pavese doc
GRAPE VARIETIES croatina barbera rare grapes
IN THE GLASS sweet lively red

After a carefully controlling the state of maturation, harvesting takes place in the 2nd
week of September, after being de-stemmed and crushed they undergo a controlled
temperature maceration to maintain a high sugar content. Then follows the draining
of 60% of the free drawn wine, the must is then cooled and put into pressurized tanks.
The fermentation is thermostatically controlled; once the wines start to spume it is put
into bottles.

Organoleptic Features
A sweet wine of a bright ruby red with purplish reflections. Full bodied and vinous with
notes of violets together with raspberry and blueberry jams, smooth and fragrant.

Food Suggestions
All desserts, biscuits, jams, strawberries, peaches, fruit salads spicy cheeses
and roast chestnuts.

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